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519380019? 哈伦小西裤? RMB 369

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不得不说,干玫瑰粉色的西装实在是太抓眼球了,配合利落的翻领线条,简洁中 透露着优雅的浪漫气息。内搭一件蕾丝小衫,完美化解了西装太过硬朗的气场, 变得又甜又飒。

519382035 净色直筒牛仔裤 RMB 339

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The classic dark green knitted vest is very plain. It is also matched with plain ?lace undercoat. The overall feeling is back to the salt retro style.

The lace ?material with feminine flavor and the craftsmanship of the small high collar add highlights to the hierarchical collocation.

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磨毛绒面蕾丝精致秀气,但是请记住“蕾丝,并不只是?#24895;?#30340;代名词?#34180;?#36873;对蕾丝 连衣裙的搭配 CP,其实也可以衍生出不一样的风格来。比如工装风的短款小风 衣,让蕾丝裙在?#24895;?#20043;外也有了几分帅气和洒?#36873;?/strong>

Ground down lace is delicate and elegant, but remember that “lace is not just a ?synonym for sexy”. Choose the right lace dress with CP, in fact, can also derive a different style. For example, the tooling style of the short windbreaker, so that ?the lace skirt in addition to sexy also has some handsome and free.

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竖条纹的针织开衫也是今年流行的款,比较适合单穿,视觉上会更轻薄显瘦,搭 配墨绿格子裙也很适合办公室穿搭。

Vertical striped knitted cardigan is also popular this year. It is more suitable for ?single wear. It will be thinner and thinner visually. It is also suitable for office ?wear with dark green checked skirt.

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The pink sweater made of pure cotton ground sweater adds warmth to the cool ?autumn day. With the printing pattern, it presents the romantic feelings of the ?urban girls.

纯棉磨毛卫衣面料的粉色卫衣,为凉意渐浓的秋日增添一份温暖,加上印花图案, 呈现出都市的小女生浪漫情?#22330;?/strong>

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绿色在秋日总是容易夺人眼球的,颇具英伦风的格子,不规则打褶的裙面,都能 给人与众不同的新鲜感,是肆意的潮流与经典的雅致融合。

Green in autumn is always easy to catch people’s eyes, with a British style grid, ?irregular pleated skirt, can give people a unique sense of freshness, is a wanton ?trend and classic elegance integration.

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单穿刚好合身的针织开衫,所带来的美和我们以往对于“开”衫的概念完全不同, 搭配一条鱼鳞型蕾丝半裙,温柔的女人味恰到好处,轻轻松松就 get 到了法式穿 搭的精髓,随性不做作。

The beauty of wearing a knitted cardigan that fits just right is totally different ?from our previous concept of “cardigan”. With a fish-scale lace half skirt, the ?gentle feminine flavor is just right. It is easy to get to the essence of French ?dressing, and do not act casually.

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Velvet fabrics with high gloss feel stand out in many dark color systems and are ?cut in a clean fit to make fashion and comfort integrated. Such an irresistible ?velvet skirt can easily help you improve your quality of life.

具有高级光泽感的丝绒面料,在众深色系?#22411;?#39062;而出,加?#24895;?#20928;合体的剪裁,使 时髦与舒适融为一体。这么一条无法抗拒的丝绒裙,轻松帮你提升生活品质?#23567;?/strong>

519396001 双面呢短外套 RMB 999

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网纱与丝绒的碰撞,让半裙更富有层次感,丝绒面料上的银色烫粉在光的照射下 彰?#24895;?#24615;又不失女性魅力。搭配利落的中短款廓形双面呢外套,拉长腿型,简约 又不会显得?#20998;祝?#27491;适合深秋。

The collision between screen and velvet makes the half-skirt more layered. ?Silver ironing powder on velvet fabric shows individuality and female charm ?under the light. It is suitable for the late autumn season with a neat mid-short ?profile double-sided tweed jacket, long legs, simple but not bulky.

519396001 双面呢短外套 RMB 999

519386018 皮半裙 RMB 299

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别再以为皮裙只能代表叛逆?#31570;活?#20102;,甜美和酷帅它也照样能驾驭。?#19981;?#31359;皮裙 的姑娘们,酒红色会是你不错的选择,搭配菱格纹提花毛衣和短款的双面呢外套, 在色彩上有一定的层次?#23567;?/strong>

Stop thinking that leather skirts can only represent rebellion and uninhibited. ?Sweet and cool, they can also control. Girls who like to wear leather skirts, wine ?red will be a good choice for you, with rhombic jacquard sweater and short ?double-sided cloth coat, there is a certain sense of hierarchy in color.

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